Associate, Manitoba


Michael has worked for the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Caucus as their policy analyst on fiscal and economic issues. This work included helping develop the parties 2016 election platform. After the 2016 provincial election, which delivered the most seats in the province’s history, Michael worked as the Special Assistant (Chief of Staff) to the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade. While there he helped Manitoba join the New West Partnership and pass significant labour reforms. After leaving the provincial legislature Michael led policy and advocacy activities for two different 2,000 plus member industry associations in Winnipeg. 

Currently Michael serves on the boards of the Manitoba division of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the Manitoba Association of Business Economists, and the Winnipeg branch of the Canadian International Council. He is also a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce’s policy committee, and a graduate of Leadership Winnipeg. Michael is a graduate of Brandon University with a degree in political science and a minor in economics. After graduation Michael was one of six interns selected for the Manitoba Legislative Assembly’s Internship Program.

In the winter Michael enjoys playing hockey, while in the summer he is doing his best to try and figure out the game of golf.

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